Great communication lets everyone know the waters are clear, or the opposite, that there is a deer in the tub.

Establishing great communication to discuss specific accounts utilizing the entire team, with all of their attributes, talents and skills is a great way to work towards your tribal identity of “Working Every Solution Together”.

This week’s activity is two fold.  First establish a cadence, a schedule or routine of communication.  Second establish a spokesperson.  This can be different for each call, but that is up to you to decide.

Once a date and spokesperson has been agreed upon, submit your activity in the “Reply” section below by Sunday March 24th.

Click here to witness the wonder that is the HMS West Tribe!

3 thoughts on “HMS West Week 5

  1. BTW Jared – I think most of us forgot the moral of the story about the deer although maybe it’s because we don’t want to talk about it. Just kidding………..


  2. Monthly AM meetings will now be story telling sessions. So everyone will be the speaking. I challenge my team to establish their own cadence for working together. Team cross the aisle to the East. Heck, cross the aisle in Irving or New York, or get a call together to include our remote partners to discuss wins, issues or lessons-learned. Commit to each other. There is nothing better for your career than networking and knowing that you can trust your peer! Did everyone know Cyndi and Lilli signed a $1M deal last week!!!! Go team CA!


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