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What a wonderful workshop we had last week in Scottsdale Arizona! It was our pleasure to meet each one of you! What a wonderful team!

And the Tribal Identity: Working Every Solution Together…just BRILLIANT!

This weeks assignment goes hand in hand with Identifying Weakness. During the Blind Geometry activity it was noted that you felt blind to what issues you were confronted with and who was helping you or who your resources were. This week’s assignment is to take your top account, and find out who is with you in your village…that is to say, who are your coworkers that also call on that account and what are their functions. Please list in the reply section below. Be sure to also include your name in the reply. Assignment Replies are due by Saturday March 16th.

8 thoughts on “HMS West Week 4

  1. Good morning all! My largest account is Centene and I support this account with the much appreciated support of Camille Brown (Account Manager for COB business), Megan Workman (Account Manager for Eliza business) & Chad English (COB support, process improvement and reporting).


  2. Good morning Team MCO West! My largest account is Humana which I am currently being led by Cody Dodge (AD) and I would have to throw Gabe Boucher (PM) in there, even though he is not part of the MCO West Team. I have also recently helped a little with Centene as Cody mentioned above, with Camille leading me on that front. Soon I will be transitioning to the full Humana team, were I will be helping run Eliza, COB and HBA BoB, reporting to Lynn Haiar (AD) and Melina Baracca (Sr AD), as well as teaming with Mark Harris (AM) running the PI BoB.


  3. My top account is HCSC (Health Care Service Corporation). My internal counterparts that also call on this account are Jeff Durkin (PI/COB Sales), Greg Fisher (Employer Solutions Sales), Catherine Harper (Account Manager), Beth Maciulewicz (Sr. Director), Mary Singer (Vice President). The village for this account also includes internal partners who have contributed to the HCSC Client Planning process, and that includes: Tyler Brown (COB Ops), Carrie Cunningham (Sales), Jude Ehrbar (ADS), Beau Fidler (Advisory Services), Jill Field (Elli), Deb Grier (COB), Kendall Spence (PI Ops), and Judy Zwick (PI).


  4. My top account is Amerihealth – the team is Michelle, Gergana and myself. My full “village” on accounts (to not leave anyone out) – Michelle, Gergana, Nnamdi, Ankit, Corey, Lynn, Mark, Lilli, and Jenny = “Team Baracca”


  5. Happy Friday Team MCO West! My largest account is Paramount Advantage. This account is supported by myself and Michelle (AD).


  6. That’s hard to decide, but my top account is UHC (only because is requires to most attention at this time). My tribe consists of Mary Singer, Glen Tampke, Hailey Fuget, Greg Fisher, Eva Frisbe, Tyler Brown, and Jackie Hollaway. All contribute to the success of the client and HMS and play a vital role.


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