“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few…or the one.”

Spock – The Wrath of Khan

While it is true that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one…we hope to illustrate that meeting the needs of the many will ultimately benefit the needs of the few, or the one…YOU!

The FINAL ACTIVITY is to share in the “Reply” section below a time in your career when you benefited directly from working a solution together!

Reply by March 31st for your chance to winCoffee on Us“!

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6 thoughts on “HMS West Tribe – Week 6

  1. Inland Empire Health Plan started transitioning to a new claims platform early April 2018 and finally completed the re-implementation in February 2019. It took a collaborative and persistent effort from the account management and implementation teams to get this project across the finish line. This was a huge project that could not have been completed with out team work.


  2. I can think of a fairly recent event when UHC had a crazy request for HMS to implement IA CAV in 6 weeks, when the normal turnaround time is 3 months. (I know, a crazy UHC request…shocker right?) Anyhow, we had to come together from and Ops, COB Delivery, AM Team, IMP Team standpoint, or we could not have made this happen. Ultimately, we ended up beating the timeline and satisfying UHC very much, as well as getting 2018 revenue for HMS to finish the year strong. (IA had 400K lives)


  3. The story was about building healthcare products on our platform that mainly was sold to retailers or supply chains. My team was tasked with the design, development, and rollout of 4 new use cases/products: Shop for a plan, Shop for a Procedure, Motivate & Reward Wellness and an overarching Dashboard for members. We brought in consumers for the use case design sessions, we collaborated across functions to bring the design together (IT, designers, healthcare experts, finance, analytics, marketing, and more). The initial result was a GTM video we could show at conferences and with our clients to get them interested. In the first 6 months of launch we had a $20M pipeline. This was one of the best experiences most of us had. We are all still close today. Here’s the outcome. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=healthcare+ibm+video&&view=detail&mid=2973B5A6B4F7E5A3A1862973B5A6B4F7E5A3A186&&FORM=VRDGAR


  4. Way back, when I first entered the workforce, a new client, which was a coal mining company, significantly under estimated the volume of work we’d be conducting. We did onsite health screenings in the mountains of WV, which was very remote and didn’t lend itself logistically to be nibble for changes in volume of work. As the leader of the group onsite, we had to mobilize many different departments both internally and externally to get the personnel a supplies onsite to meet the client’s needs. Our tribe had to be innovative and leverage sources we’ve never worked with before, such as staffing vendors, as well as supply chain management to access what we needed from other partners in record time. In the end, we were able to screen 3 times the amount of people projected because the tribe came together and worked as a team to accomplish a seaming impossible task.


  5. There are so many times/stories where working as a team benefits the whole and the one (is that a hole in one?)…anyway, most recently our client Blue Shield of California Promise has transitioned from its former claims platform to the Facets Blue Shield Platform. Since September I have been interfacing with both our internal implementation and operation teams as well as the Blue Shield Project Management and IT teams to move this process forward. its been a (very slow) but wonderful learning experience for all of us…Blue Shield IT is learning what HMS does to help the Promise plan and why their work is so important to complete on time, and our teams are learning the hurdles our clients IT teams must push through to get to an end result that is satisfactory. And I am learning how to speak IT (more or less). Recently our two teams came together on a call and finalized questions from both siders on a file – PROGRESS MADE!!. Now that may not seem like much, but after spending the past 8 months of my life working with this group, to head toward a conclusion was Uplifting to say the least. Everyone on these calls are and were important to get the job done. We can check that task box now and move forward completing the two last boxes. Thanks to teamwork all round!


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