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HMS West Team! We are SO Close! Come prepared for Summer Camp fun! (…or if you mowed lawns all summer, come prepared to work!). Wear comfortable clothes and shoes! We will see you next week!

Week Three Activities:

1st: Comment in the “Reply” section at the very bottom of this page. Be sure to include your name in the Reply for a chance to win Coffee On Us! Answer the following as it relates to the HMS West Team: How do I want to be seen in 2019? Assignment due: Friday, March 1st COB!

2nd: Continue working on your 60 Second “A Little About Me” Video. Be creative and informative. Let us know about YOU! Remember these can be as simple as a few PowerPoint Slides! You can email the video file up to 2GB using My email is
Videos are due on or before Sunday, March 3rd (preferably before).

Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns at or call my cell: 832-492-9389. My business is YOUR Success!

In the meanwhile, let’s have some fun and CREATE! Let’s see who has responded so far…

17 thoughts on “HMS West Team – Week 3

  1. Derrick: How do I wish to be seen in 2019? I want to be seen as a motivator in the subtle art of Creative Communication while continuing to pursue and improve upon Adult Learning and Communication techniques. Simply put, I want to help others communicate better!


  2. How do I wish to be seen in 2019? I want to be seen as a great team player within our MCO West group, as well as creatively working together to tackle problems that occur through all of our clients. We will have to be creative as a team to accomplish what we did in 2018, but I think we are up to the challenge.

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  3. In 2019, I want to be seen as present. Present with my colleagues, with my clients, with my internal partners, with my husband, with my family, and with my friends. With so many competing priorities on our plates, it is easy to multi-task in a way that takes away from the experiences you have and the value you provide (both professionally and personally).

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  4. In 2019, I want to be seen as a trusted/collaborative partner internally and externally as well as with all my relationships outside of HMS with friends and family.

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  5. Personally, I will encourage and seek to always add value to the lives of my family, friends, colleagues, and to those who may drift in and out of my life.
    For my team, I would like them to feel supported and valued every day.

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  6. In 2019, I would like to be seen as helpful & optimistic. Some days are harder than others and I want to ensure that I keep a positive attitude and do my best whether its with clients, co-workers, or my family/friends.

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  7. How do I wish to be seen in 2019? I want to be seen as balanced and dependable. With so many competing priorities, I’ll strive to make sure my home life is taken into consideration and be seen professionally as someone always on-track.

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  8. In 2019 I want to be seen as knowledgeable and reliable resource for the team, with my clients, and other departments at HMS.


  9. In 2019, I want to be seen as a reliable and thoughtful partner to my clients, colleagues, friends and all those around me. I would like to be part of fostering a work and personal environment that promotes collaboration across pre-existing team/department boundaries to ensure that we can all be as successful as possible.


  10. I want to be seen as a valued team player within our group, as well as an advocate to my clients and HMS peers and colleagues.


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