Anchors Aweigh! Why YOU need an Anchor NOW!

#TheBetterWay (e24): Anchors Aweigh! Why You Need an Anchor NOW!

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Imagine a ship floating away dropping anchor. Now imagine that anchor dragging along the bottom of the sea looking for purchase when suddenly the anchor catches onto a giant rock making the ship safe and secure.

The ship is your brand, and the rock is your anchor!

“Frequency and Consistency create branding only when your message is tied to an established emotional anchor.” Roy H. Williams, Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads

Emotion and Memory are interlinked.

Research has shown that emotionally active events form a place in our memory for a longer span of time than the elements that are slightly on the neutral side.

If you want your BRAND to stand out and stay in the public mind you must ANCHOR your brand to a memory that triggers an emotional response.

Those are my thoughts and opinions, I want to hear from you! SHARE IN THE COMMENTS your thoughts about ANCHORING YOUR BRAND or your thoughts regarding what LEGACY you wish to leave for those whose sail after you!


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…there is ALWAYS a Better Way!

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