The Ugly Truth About Frequency

#TheBetterWay (e.23): The Ugly Truth About Frequency!

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The 3 Keys to Personal Branding are 1) Consistency 2) Frequency and 3) Anchoring

This week we will discuss FREQUENCY!

Frequency is defined as the number of times your message will reach the same person in a given period.

With those you are trying to influence, it could be customers, bosses, clients, friends…how often do they see you or hear from you?  Once a year? Once a month? Once a week? Every other day?

The simple truth is we are all fighting for mindshare. How frequent or infrequent your target audience sees you or hears from you GREATLY impacts your success.

Frequency will improve your personal brand by making you VISIBLE, RELIABLE, and the holy grail of traits…TRUSTWORTHY!

But hey, those are my thoughts and Opinions, I want to hear from you! This weeks’ THE BETTER WAY CHALLENGE is to share with me in the comments what frequency means to you and why you think frequency is important!  LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!

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