Why Being Consistent Matters

#TheBetterWay (e.22): Why Being Consistent Matters!

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Along with last week’s Professional Appearance, there are three keys to successful branding: CONSISTENCY, FREQUENCY, and ANCHORING.

This week we will discuss CONSISTENCY!

“We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day.”
― Richard G. Scott

Consistency is SO important when establishing your personal brand.
Being consistent will help establish your reputation.
Being consistent will make you relevant in your field.
Being consistent will cause your influence to grow!

Something that has helped me to be more consistent is drafting my own set of core values and measuring my daily activities against them. This continues to help me become the person I want to become each day.

I’m not saying everyone should be nice and approachable like me. The world would be a dull place where that the case.

In my opinion, it’s ok to be a jerk…and we all have those in our lives. Just be a consistent jerk! If you’re a tough and uncompromising leader…be consistently tough and uncompromising. I respect people so much more when I do not have to guess how to approach them on a daily basis.

But hey, those are my thoughts and opinions. I want to hear from You! This week’s THE BETTER WAY CHALLENGE is to share in the comments why you think consistency is important in personal branding and what are you doing in 2019 to be consistent?

Tell me what you know…in the comments down below!

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Three Articles Regarding the importance of Being Consistent:
Power of Consistency: https://www.inc.com/eric-v-holtzclaw/consistency-power-success-rules.html
How to Be Outrageously Consistent: https://medium.com/the-mission/how-to-be-outrageously-consistent-7-tips-to-be-consistently-consistent-a32fd1c0a250
What is Brand Consistency and Why Does it Matter? : https://merlinone.com/what-is-brand-consistency/

I would invite you to check out https://thebetterway.com/ for all the latest videos and The Better Way news!

Next week we will discuss the importance of FREQUENCY!

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